Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Forest The Search for Good Money

Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Forest (The Search for Good Money)

Grandpa Owl, the wisest and wealthiest resident in the Enchanted Forest, teaches his grandkids about kindness, fairness, and the secret to his riches. Follow along with Brother and Sister Owl as they learn lessons that students of top business schools do not receive. When you're done, you will be ready to go on your very own hunt for real treasure!

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What others are saying:

Impossibly cute and just a tiny bit cunning, Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Forest aims to teach kids a profound lesson about currency—one mom and dad surely will find eye-opening as well. History and economic lessons are cleverly hidden within a sweet, beautifully illustrated story crafted to enchant even the youngest readers. If you’re curious about the true “value of a dollar,” Treasure Hunt is worth its weight in gold.
~Jenna McCarthy, author of The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties

Treasure Hunt is a fantastic introduction to the world of sound money. Kids who read this book will be excited to learn about the real-live treasure hunt that they can do. Perhaps more importantly, their parents will learn about the ever-present dangers of fiat money inflation, and become aware of steps they can and should take to protect their wealth and savings. In our era of trillion-dollar government deficits, central bank debt monetization, and political unrest in the streets, the simple lessons of Treasure Hunt are tremendously relevant. Read it for your kids, your grandkids, and your own financial health.
~Tyler Watts, Economics Department, Ball State University